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Have you been looking for a one stop shop where you can get a completely unfiltered view of the global private equity and corporate finance deal market? A place where looking for investment opportunities costs you nothing and if you are selling you can post deals for the price of a cappuccino a day?
A platform to store, manage and share your internal deal flow efficiently?
Our concept
DealMarket is the first port of call for private equity professionals who are looking for simplicity, choice and greater speed in how they access the marketplace.

Just as real estate portals have transformed the way people access the property market, DealMarket does the same for private equity and corporate finance.

There is no pre-screening of deals, giving you an instant, unfiltered view of the global market.

If poor management of your deal flow data is holding you back, use our deal management tool MyOffice @DealMarket. It's efficient, secure and free.
Our users
FOR BUYERS: seek out deals, investment ideas and opportunities for free, tailoring your search with various criteria You can also look for other users filtering their deal experience. Or use MyOffice@DealMarket to manage your deal flow.

FOR SELLERS: entering the market directly or through an intermediary, you can promote any type or size of deal to a global audience for just CHF 100 per posting per month.

FOR ADVISORS: it is a quick and cost effective way of promoting your expertise to a global audience of private equity professionals (CHF 100 per listing per month).
Our Website
DealMarket is simple and easy to use. Designed by private equity professionals for private equity professionals, it feels and works more like an app than a website.

You won't find any unnecessary text or annoying banner adverts, and it only takes an e-mail to register.

You can invite friends and fellow investment professionals to share ideas or view newly posted deals, chat with them online and only reveal your identity when you chose to.

Thought Leadership Paper

«Globalization of Private Equity: Trends, Challenges and Solutions or How Private Equity can benefit by going online»
written by our CEO Urs Haeusler

Investors in private equity are looking beyond their home markets in search of returns that outperform fixed income investments and the public markets. Foreign investing makes the due diligence process even more critical to success. Tasks like sourcing and screening deals, valuation, finding local partners and advisers, negotiating and contracting become more challenging and complex. One of the ways to address these challenges is to use online tools and services, either accessing them individually, or through highly integrated and global platforms like DealMarket. By using online platforms users can save money and increase productivity in the pre-investment and post-investment processing steps, lowering the barriers to success.

PE Insight Report

«Private Equity Market Analysis & Sizing 2012» Report
produced by The Boston Consulting Group

During the last two years, deal activity regained momentum, with 10'941 private equity transactions and a disclosed deal volume of USD 243bn in 2011. Furthermore, the considerable amount of dry powder built up during the global crisis promises solid ongoing deal flow. However, valuation multiples are expected to heat up as relatively large quantities of capital compete for a relatively small number of deals.

We are proud to be selected as the

«Global Private Equity Platform of the Year 2013»